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Digital Education in Cartagena

We all know technology has been a big part of our daily life; some call to this age, The Digital Information age, or just Information Age. This is a reality that many of the youngsters can’t escape, exposing themselves to social networks, internet, new ways to relate to people and even the presence and the usability of this media tools in the classroom.

Jordy Urbany is an anthropologist, adviser, trainer and teacher in the Department of Education of the Generalist of Catalunya and the Universitat Oberta of Catalunya. In August, he released his book “¿Hiperconectados?” (Hiperconected?) in Cartagena, he used this moment to make a workshop about Digital Education with the 10th grade students of the Pies Descalzos Educational Institution.

In a world of digital revolution, it emphasizes the importance of guaranteeing a basic competence to favor the personal and social development of students. It also highlights the fact of taking advantage of the methodological possibilities to personalize learning and develop them in a cooperative way. Or, if the proper use of technology is not given, a digital division can be generated, which increases in the way as society evolves.

During the workshop, the advantages and disadvantages of digital education were discussed; digital tools that actually exist were shown, and that by that lack of knowledge were not used; a time to think over the simple things like how many daily hours do you spend looking at a screen? Doing what kind of activity? Do you sleep with your cell phone? Do you browse while driving? This reflection time was created to teach the students to balance connection and disconnection. 

Thus, through the conversation, it was concluded that digital culture and the internet bring new ways of seeing, living, thinking and feeling the world, ways that transform our society and that force us to seek the best way to relate to it.

Thanks Jordy for this helpful workshop!


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Since 2004, we have implemented a comprehensive intervention strategy, with five axis: provide quality & public education, improve the nutrition of our children, promote personal growth & sustainable development, building top-notch schooling infrastructures and finally establishing supported schools as community centers via ‘Open door school strategy’.

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