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¡Thank you Cine Colombia!

¡Cinema with a purpose! This is how we have been investing our time with Cine Colombia’s donation, 899 students have had the chance to enjoy different movies in different spaces. 


Why cinema with a purpose?

The main objective in Pies Descalzos is to give students enough motivation to develop activities which have an educational sense. 

Not only the experience of going to Cinema makes this event important, but the artistic background that films hold, communicates to the children the poetic, politic, literary, aesthetic and ethical knowledge. Going to the cinema means not only exposing the thought and the body to a narrative, but involves fundamental mental processes in the learning of the children. For example, creating their own critical posture about the movie, in this way, children realize the habits that can be improved by using the film as a mirror; at the end they learn from the character’s mistakes.

The boys in the cinema are exposed to education in an unusual activity, which is entertaining and different for them and their generation. This allows the experience to be meaningful in formative terms.

In the case of this specific donation, the groups who demonstrated awareness of the educational spaces within the project "My space a nice place" had the opportunity to assist to the Cinema.

Thank you Cine Colombia for helping us educate with meaning and quality hundreds of children in a vulnerable situation! 


Pies Descalzos

We are a Colombian non-governmental organization founded by worldwide acclaimed artist Shakira in 1997 with the main objective to promote QUALITY PUBLIC EDUCATION for children in vulnerable situation in Colombia.

Since 2004, we have implemented a comprehensive intervention strategy, with five axis: provide quality & public education, improve the nutrition of our children, promote personal growth & sustainable development, building top-notch schooling infrastructures and finally establishing supported schools as community centers via ‘Open door school strategy’.

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