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Colombia is a country known by its multiculturalism; it’s population with different beliefs, customs, accents, postures, thoughts and skin tones shape a country through education, tolerance and respect searching for a long lasting peace for later generations.

Each solidarity demonstration we receive in the Pies Descalzos Foundation, fills us with joy and motivates us to keep on working hard towards a Quality Public Education for our Colombian children. This time, it was the director of the film “The Healer”, Paco Arango, who gave us a giant example for solidarity, donating  the collected resources from his film to three Colombian Foundations: Sanar Cáncer, Ellen Riegner and ours: Pies Descalzos. 

We know that the volunteer space is very important for the development of the students in the educational institutions that we support. We witness the productive and significant projects that are born from these experiences. As is the case of "Defenders of the Environment", the workshops in entrepreneurship and financial education, "The greatest lesson in the world" and in this case "Colors Beyond".

We all know technology has been a big part of our daily life; some call to this age, The Digital Information age, or just Information Age. This is a reality that many of the youngsters can’t escape, exposing themselves to social networks, internet, new ways to relate to people and even the presence and the usability of this media tools in the classroom.

We join the celebration of Columbus Day with the launch of the "skin colors" campaign; a strategy that seeks that children to recognize the existence of different skin colors characteristic of Colombian multiculturalism.

The methodology is  with a short book and a box of colors that the teacher will use to work in the classroom with children of first, second and third grade in the schools we support in Quibdo, Cartagena and Barranquilla. Through a beautiful story, children can color and recognize different skin shades.

This campaign aims to prevent discrimination and promote respect for racial diversity through understanding that skin color is not only pink, the characteristic skin tone of the color palette.

The result will be that the new generations will celebrating their differences rather than fighting for them.

The design of the campaign was conducted by advertising firm Sancho BBDO and the making of the promotional video was made by Imaginaria Films as part of its social responsibility policy.

See video in spanish in: https://youtu.be/ZCGMXY9fBqU

¡Cinema with a purpose! This is how we have been investing our time with Cine Colombia’s donation, 899 students have had the chance to enjoy different movies in different spaces. 

The "Tools for Life" axis within our intervention model is fundamental for the development and achievement of Quality Public Education. That’s the reason why, we have training projects in areas such as citizenship, governance, peace, child and teen actor, art, culture and sport. Also we developed the project "Young Entrepreneurs", with the hand of Obra Social La Caixa, creating a contest for Young people with ideas for innovation in order to solve problems for the community. The winners travel to Barcelona on an Exchange program where they get to know young people from different countries.

Sport takes a fundamental part of an educational model that has quality as its highest priority. Through Sport, children learn values and important abilities like self-knowledge, tolerance, solidarity, respect, team work and healthy coexistence. These abilities are very important for social, professional and cognitive development of our students, and at the same time for good habit development of physical health.

It’s no secret that Quibdó has been a forgotten city and Chocó has been strongly affected by war in Colombia, however, it’s a place full of people who smile and work hard every single day in order to reach a  better future, a better education and overcome difficulties by turning them into chances. 

"Malnutrition during pregnancy and childhood greatly affects people's long-term learning ability." *

At Pies Descalzos we are convinced that healthy nutrition is fundamental so that children can properly develop their abilities in the classroom. We also know that, as research has shown, "hunger greatly reduces opportunities for people and countries, and therefore slows development, leading to deaths, mental retardment and growth."*

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Pies Descalzos

We are a Colombian non-governmental organization founded by worldwide acclaimed artist Shakira in 1997 with the main objective to promote QUALITY PUBLIC EDUCATION for children in vulnerable situation in Colombia.

Since 2004, we have implemented a comprehensive intervention strategy, with five axis: provide quality & public education, improve the nutrition of our children, promote personal growth & sustainable development, building top-notch schooling infrastructures and finally establishing supported schools as community centers via ‘Open door school strategy’.

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